The object of SIMIDEA R&D is to make a link between the long-term fundamental research that is generated in the universities, and the interest in mature technologies and applied research of large industries. Fundamental and basic research is valued at SIMIDEA R&D. We believe that basic and fundamental research is the true tool to create new knowledge and produce real innovations. Sometimes, the vision of large industries is marked by immediate needs, without a long-term patient funding scheme. Fundamental research is highly profitable, and it is the great source of knowledge, the one that provides disruptive ideas and true innovations, and the one that can completely change a market, generating hyper benefices.

SIMIDEA R&D’s object is to reduce the gap between basic and fundamental research, and mature and applied technologies demanded by industries, therefore we follow a long-term patient strategy of research and development, in order to transform fundamental research to mature technologies. Since SIMIDEA R&D was born in the heat of the Laboratory for Characterization of Materials in Submarine Acoustics of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, the main activity has been focused on the development of materials with extreme acoustic capacities for both, civil and defence industries.

However, SIMIDEA R&D is interested in collaboration with research groups, both in Spanish and foreign universities, as well as permanent collaboration with large industrial groups. The objective is to be able to mature and develop useful technologies for large industries, that have their origin on disruptive ideas, with high risk, but with high transformation potential. We follow a patient and long-term strategy to transform fundamental research in mature industrial technologies.

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